Daily Archives: January 25, 2012

Still Here & Hungry!

I’m still here, mystifying doctors, baffling them and other concerned parties, especially those with some say as to whether I can (or even should) try to keep my teaching job (I’ll post some info about what happens) –for now: I celebrate that I’M still here! –and wondering (a bit) what I must do to merit this elongation of my time on earth –how do I earn what I’ve been given (by whom? and WHY? –I Wasn’t Supposed to be here, almost died at the end of the summer of 2011, YET I’M HERE! (and glad about it –perhaps this is the time that I should renew spiritual beliefs, but then I read about M-theory and black holes (especially the black hole at the center of the Miky Way, and I confess to wondering about other supermassive engines, and I’m left with enough uncertainty to make me think a return to the earth via burial is just that: a return not… (I don’t mind becoming [a small] part of the dirt and/or soil; maybe some part of me will be lucky enough to nourish –at least for an hour or two– something else [not human] that thrives long enough to dream of claiming this planet) …not to be followed by an awakening and a calling at some point from that location (even if disintergration has been completed –it seems unlikely to me that humanity is the culmination of evolution; after us, some other terrestrial life form will likely dominate. If this is the process of existence, we–humanity–have joined a process in progress; we didn’t initiate what is ongoing, seemingly unstoppable –despite some contrary evidence, such as clues of global warming (that seem to prevail this winter) economic collapse (that is spanning the world), and other devastations, –say a wayward asteroid or comet, something coming to earth to hurt or use in some way some of this planet’s population. Now was this earth made for us? I doubt it. So why is it here? Why is there a fossil record? I have more questions than answers.

Here I am

So good to sill be here despite problems in the world and a chance of cosmic treachery.

I am glad to still have a chance to contribute, perhaps also being a source of contributions of others, maybe even for that Thai baker –I think I’d make a decent serving of bread –maybe not the tastiest, but certainly: decent.