336% Spurt in #Child #Rapes: #Police Beat Up Victims’ Families and Supporters

Please help spread support against “child” rape! –I was raped when I was just fifteen years old!


April 20, 2012

delhi rape police pkg Like with the December 2012 Delhi gang rape protests, once again there is an angry public rocking India’s capital.  Last week a 5-year-old girl was kidnapped, held hostage for 2 days by two adult men, and repeatedly gang-raped and sexually tortured with all kinds of objects, like candles and bottles, inserted inside her.  Then the rapists tried to kill her by slashing her throat. The police that had earlier refused to file a missing person’s report when the parents approached them, later tried to hush up the case as the child lay in the hospital battling for her life.  They not only refused to file a rape complaint, but tried to give the father Rs. 2000/- ($40) to keep his mouth shut! They told him not to approach the media or public because they’d only make fun of him! Later as women protestors approached the police…

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