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JR and Liu Bolin join forces to make the TED dream team

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29075_h500w820gtThe image above is classic Liu Bolin — the artist painted exactingly to blend in with the scene behind him. [ted_talkteaser id=1721] (Watch his talk from TED2013, “The invisible man.”) But if you look closely, you will see that the man in the picture is not actually Bolin—the tell-tale Ray-Bans reveal that this is JR, the artist known for pasting large portraits into cityscapes. (Watch as JR poses his TED Prize-winning wish, “Use art to turn the world inside out.”) To add more layers of meta to this work, the finger and eye in the story-high poster belong to Bolin. And the arched door over which the poster is pasted? That’s the entrance to JR’s New York studio. The photo was snapped by Bolin, himself.

This image, called “JR Through the Eye of Liu Bolin,” is a true meeting of two TEDster minds. While…

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Drink from me and live forever: the case for Vampire Jesus.

I know that you lot are used to getting scintillating, intellectually challenging, and delightfully witty posts from me here at the Tea Cosy. Which is why, today, I’m dealing with one of the most pressing issues of our time. One of the major misunderstandings of the (Western) world. Something that affects us all.

I’m referring, of course, to what is traditionally referred to as Zombie Jesus Day. In recent years a large body of literature has grown up asserting that Jesus, a reasonably historically-relevant Palestinian from the latter-day Roman era, suffered beyond the end of his life from infection with a zombie virus. The evidence given for this hypothesis is based on several sources from the (almost) contemporary literature which describe Jesus as having become reanimated after his demise. This is, of course, a major feature of zombie infection. However, a more in-depth look into the symptoms of zombification…

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