COMMENTARY: The Browning of America Proves to Be Too Much For Some

Black America Web

The racial hatred toward Nina Davuluri — the first contestant of Indian heritage to be crowned Miss America – was swift, relentless, and ugly.

“How the f–k does a foreigner win miss America? She is a Arab! #idiots,”’ one man tweeted after Davuluri’s historic moment.

“If you’re #MissAmerica you should have to be American,” another woman wrote.

“9/11 was 4 days ago and she gets miss America?” said another man.

I guess the racists forgot — or don’t care — that Davuluri is actually an American citizen with a college degree. But all they see is a woman of color who reminds them of terrorism. And her skillful performance — a classical Bollywood dance during the Miss America Pageant’s talent segment – sent the bigots completely over the edge.

“This is America, not India.”

One called Davuluri “Miss 7-11.”

“Nice slap in the face to the people of 911. How…

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