Do We Still Care Whose Baby It Is?

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Nikki Woods goes Beyond The Studio with Judge Lauren Lake about her new television show Paternity Court.

“It wasn’t 2013 with Facebook and Twitter where everybody told all their business as soon as it happened.” Judge Lauren Lake, Paternity Court.

The judge is referring to a case where a mom pretended to know the father of her unborn child because she was too embarrassed to let her own mom know she was sleeping with two men.

Now, 29 years later, not only is the mom tearfully revealing these facts, but she will be revealing them to millions when “Paternity Court,” syndicated in 92 percent of the country, debuts on September 23rd.

So, what happened to the days when family secrets were held tight?  And were those days actually better? Is it honor or hypocrisy to pretend that everything in your family is neat and tidy all the time?

Years ago…

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