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Lil Mo Defends Kenny Lattimore’s Sexuality, Talks Spin-Off Show

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Fresh off of her first stint on reality TV, singer Lil Mo (real name Cynthia Loving, Jr.), dishes to theJasmineBRAND.com on all things R&B Divas LA.

Argued as one of the break-out stars of the TV One show, Lil Mo speaks candidly about what her relationship is like with Kelly Price (post production), addresses speculation about singer Kenny Lattimore’s sexuality, spin-off rumors and her two cents on Keyshia Cole apologizing to Michelle Williams.

Check out a few excerpts below:

If she’s ever heard rumors questioning Kenny Lattimore’s sexuality:

“Well that’s crazy. I didn’t even know there were reports … and I’ve never heard anything about his sexuality. Truth be told, people say Usher’s gay, people say Justin Bieber’s gay, people try to say ; they say everybody’s gay. So I don’t know. I’ve never seen him with a man, I’ve never seen him- like I’ve never seen that.”

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Do We Still Care Whose Baby It Is?

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Nikki Woods goes Beyond The Studio with Judge Lauren Lake about her new television show Paternity Court.

“It wasn’t 2013 with Facebook and Twitter where everybody told all their business as soon as it happened.” Judge Lauren Lake, Paternity Court.

The judge is referring to a case where a mom pretended to know the father of her unborn child because she was too embarrassed to let her own mom know she was sleeping with two men.

Now, 29 years later, not only is the mom tearfully revealing these facts, but she will be revealing them to millions when “Paternity Court,” syndicated in 92 percent of the country, debuts on September 23rd.

So, what happened to the days when family secrets were held tight?  And were those days actually better? Is it honor or hypocrisy to pretend that everything in your family is neat and tidy all the time?

Years ago…

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TED News in Brief: Jeopardy turns 30, Thandie Newton launches beauty blog that rejects ‘otherness’

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Over the past week, we’ve noticed a lot of fascinating TED-related news items. Here, some highlights:

The TV show Jeopardyturns 30 this week. And we think that’s all the excuse you need to watch Ken Jenning’s amazing TED Talk, “Watson, Jeopardy and the obsolete know-it-all.”

Thandie Newton (watch her TED Talk) has launched a new beauty blog with a mission, called ThandieKay.com. As her partner Kay Montano told the Independent, “How wild and progressive is it to use beauty as a medium to explore unifying ideas, create a community and abolish otherness?” Among the first articles on the site is a Q+A with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (watch her talk).

NPR’s Morning Edition interviewed TED Fellow Negin Farsad as her hilarious documentary The Muslims are Coming! opens in theaters. Listen as she makes the case that she’s about as Muslim as…

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COMMENTARY: The Browning of America Proves to Be Too Much For Some

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The racial hatred toward Nina Davuluri — the first contestant of Indian heritage to be crowned Miss America – was swift, relentless, and ugly.

“How the f–k does a foreigner win miss America? She is a Arab! #idiots,”’ one man tweeted after Davuluri’s historic moment.

“If you’re #MissAmerica you should have to be American,” another woman wrote.

“9/11 was 4 days ago and she gets miss America?” said another man.

I guess the racists forgot — or don’t care — that Davuluri is actually an American citizen with a college degree. But all they see is a woman of color who reminds them of terrorism. And her skillful performance — a classical Bollywood dance during the Miss America Pageant’s talent segment – sent the bigots completely over the edge.

“This is America, not India.”

One called Davuluri “Miss 7-11.”

“Nice slap in the face to the people of 911. How…

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The iOS 7 reviews are here: critics sing the praises of Apple’s latest software update

Highest Altitude Civilian Airport In the World !!!

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World's highest-altitude airport in China.

AT 4411m above sea level, a new airport in a mountainous Tibetan village sits about halfway to the cruising altitude of most commercial planes.

The Daocheng Yading Airport was opened in China on Monday, becoming the highest-altitude civilian airport in the world.

The airport is in Garzi, a restive and remote Tibetan region of south-western Sichuan province.
The first planes touch down at the world's highest altitude airport. Picture: AP
The first planes touch down at the world’s highest altitude airport.

It will cut journey times from the provincial capital of Chengdu from a two-day drive to a little more than an hour in the air.

The 1.58 billion yuan ($258 million) airport, designed to handle 280,000 passengers a year, will help open up the nearby Yading Nature Reserve to tourism, the official Xinhua news agency said, referring to an area renowned for its untouched natural beauty.



Read more: http://www.news.com.au/travel/news/daocheng-yading-airport-claims-world-record-for-highest-altitude/story-e6frfq80-1226720989926#ixzz2fCoRmxiX


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Where Humans , Snakes Coexist Peacefully !!!!

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Paambu kulam in Vellammal's backyard at Maruthur in Vedharanyam. Photo: B. Velankanni Raj

Paambu kulam in Vellammal’s backyard at Maruthur in Vedharanyam


A pond built by a hutment dweller venerates the guardian deity and the snakes that inhabit a grove

Beneath the dark shade of the wooded Wodier grove is a stone structure of Veeran, the guardian deity of the hutments of Velliammal and her three sons.

Modestly decorated with specks of vermilion, Veeran is seated a stone’s throwaway from the Velliammal hutments — a cluster of three huts and the Paambu Kulam (snake pond) that fringes her backyard. The paambu kulam or the snake pond has been in existence for close to 28 years, says Velliammal.

In these times of human-animal conflict, Velliammal’s snake pond in Marudhur village, some 20 km from Vedaranyam, represents a tale of ecological harmony and coexistence between humans and the snakes that frequent their houses.

The snake pond is Velliammal’s way of venerating Veeran and the…

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iPhone sales up 28% this quarter, forecasts Morgan Stanley

Best Views From The Cockpit !!!

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The best views from the cockpit

Patrick Smith, a pilot and author of Cockpit Confidential, reveals the most memorable sights from the sky. 

On a typical 747 with four hundred passengers, a mere quarter of them will be lucky enough, if that’s the correct word, to be stationed at a window. In a ten-abreast block, only two of those seats come with a view. If flying has lost the ability to touch our hearts and minds, perhaps that’s part of the reason: there’s nothing to see anymore.

There’s something instinctively comforting about sitting at the window – a desire for orientation. Which way am I going? Has the sun risen or set yet? For lovers of air travel, of course, it’s more than that. To this day, the window is always my preference, even on the longest and most crowded flight. What I observe through the glass is no less a sensory moment, potentially…

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Game of Blind Baseball Helps Players Cope

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ATLANTA (AP) — In the game of blind baseball, players use their sense of sound to make up for their lack of sight. They play the game known as Beep baseball with an oversized softball that beeps and bases that buzz.

The National Beep Baseball Association was founded in 1975. Teams have been formed nationwide and compete annually in a World Series. In east Atlanta, a team called the Atlanta Eclipse plays at a local park.

Players wear blindfolds to ensure fairness since each person has a varying degree of blindness. The pitcher and the catcher are sighted and play on the same team as the batter.

On a hit, the batter runs toward the buzz of either the first or third base, which is decided by an official. There is no second base. A run is scored if the batter tags the base before the fielder can pick…

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