Send in the Chickenosaurus! or: Why I do trust Jack Horner

Franken-chicken! –chickosaurus! –evidence and memory perists! –great meal! –how nourishing for minds

Earthling Nature

By Carlos Augusto Chamarelli

Oh just look who decided to make an article. Things have been pretty slow on my side due to a lot of recent troubles, but I finally gathered enough willpower to post about something I’ve been meaning to write about: Jack Horner’s greatest ambition of creating dinosaurs.

Yes, that might be confusing/shocking for those who remember my previous statement that I’m against some of his theories (and contrary to my friends’ skepticism, I do intend in making more posts about them), but this time I’ll write about him in a positive light because even myself have to admit that I’m looking forward for the results of his experiment.

But first I’d like to point out how amusing and slightly hypocritical it is for Jack Horner try to recreate dinosaurs in the first place, since, you know, he was one of the advisors for the movie adaptations…

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