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Counting Blessings


I woke this morning in a warm bed, sheltered from the cold snowy weather outside. There is running water, electricity, and food in the fridge. I am so incredibly lucky to have access to all these things.

On the other side of the world an estimated 9.8 million people have had their lives and homes devastated by the super-typhoon Haiyan that hit the Philippines on Friday. Heartbreaking stories and pictures are being broadcast of the destruction inflicted by the storm. I can only imagine the pain and suffering the people are undergoing at this moment.

As the first influx of aid makes its slow way through the debris left in the wake of the storm, friends and colleagues are on their way to offer medical assistance and provide the essential assistance so urgently needed. This colossal storm has ravaged the islands it swept over and left a nation, and the…

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Typhoon Haiyan

Filipino economy has been rocked by the Typhoon of a life time

Typhoon Haiyan Relief

Say Something LA

Prayers for the victims if Typhoon Haiyan. I know it’s hard sometimes to imagine devastation of that magnitude. When it’s a regular sunny day here in California, but people are hurting, and I encourage you to do whatever you can to help out, no matter your contribution, some water or a dollar. However we can L.A.

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