Single Life – part !

Well, here’s what I hope will –can become– a tasty meal! –I’m posting as a single woman –for the first time in my adult life –scary, but I’m hopeful!
House is finally on the market, part of this late-stage independence is selling it.  Have lived nowhere else in Michigan, but will have to, once this house sells.  Have been casually looking, but the time may have come to more actively search and make a deposit from my depleted funds.  Have no choice in that, but refuse to live here!
Tod’s Painting Service painted the exterior and interior of this house! –contact (hope he doesn’t mind the plug); contact Tod Nunley (Tod the Painter) at:
Will post pictures of Tod Nunley (Tod the painter); will post more of his  work just a little later.  The house iwas shown today, so I went somewhere so prospective buyers could explore in something akin to peace while those in the Philippines continue to gather pieces of former lives, and survivors can determine whether or not they’re lucky to,have survived, and be be involved in the dreadful cleanup and reorienting of their lives.

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I love limited forking. I'm a maker of "poams" (products of acts of making)--as discussed on and

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