Broken… but don’t stop believing!

Oh my!! –I was broken by rape! –but I haven’t stopped believing in abilities to overcome!! –raped when I was fifteen (by a deacon in my mother’s church! –became pregnant! –and had an abortion (third trimester abortion in NY –where it had become legal!! –I was left frigid and silent!!! –took me many years to recover (I’m 59 years old), and no longer keeping silent!!

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

Broken… but don’t stop believing!

There are many testimonies out there of victims of rape and various abuses that were totally broken by the events that occurred in their lives.

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  1. What ordeals you’ve experienced!! –thank goodness you’re alive to continue another day!

  2. I am so sorry that happened to you. Rape is a devastating event then an abortion can lead to even more brokenness. I thank God that you are able to now speak out about it. Thank you so much for the reblog. May God pour His blessings onto you!

    • Thank you for your response to my comment on your post! –this happened so many years ago, when I was fifteen, and now, I’m 59… Actually, I’m glad I didn’t have that baby when I was sixteen! –how different my life would be now! –I became a professor of English and Art & Design… And my own son is 22 now! –I’m incredibly blessed and surviving! –suffered a rupture of a cranial aneurysm in July 2011! –and survived! (And can still talk! –still write! –still blog! –97% of those who experience such a rupture die! –I’m in the “lucky” [and blessed] 3%!) –happy to re-blog such an empowering and wonderful post as yours! –thank you for posting it! –thanks so much! –seeing it inspired me to speak in the way I did! –don’t want to be silent anymore….. No desire to remain broken! –I’m glad that neurosurgeons were present when the actual rupture of that aneurysm happened –right in the emergency room!–thank you again, secretangel!

      • God has a plan for you my friend… Yes, most victims of a ruptured cerebral aneurysms do not survive it much less remain full functioning. You are definitely blessed. I am so glad that you are speaking out. I know that God is raising an army to fight abuse. May God continue to bless you my friend!!

  3. Another woman who is a great testimony! I am sorry for what happened to you….to the child in you that never should have experienced any of that! You too dear are on over-comer!

    • Thank you is much for this comment, Donna! –incrediby uplifting! –I’m trying so,hard to overcome so much… Each day more and more… Thank you again! –will keep trying to overcome whatever comes my way! Thank you so much!

    • Thank you; thank you so much!

      • Following you now! Started counseling 3 weeks ago….I shared this with her and apparently this has affected so much of my life including current anxiety…who knew.

      • Donna, this is exceptional! –I hope that I can continue to be useful in some way! –doesn’t have to be a big way, but usefulness spreads and accretes, extends, touches and is touched while touching, so small ways become part of systems of big ways, and this is how more lasting and meaningful systems of change can happen! –not all change will prove beneficial, but change is necessary, and we must accept any form that occurs, trusting that ultimately, all that touching and exchanging information will lead to that which is better.

  4. Donna, I’m now following your blog! –I’m so pleased to say!

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