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Police Identify Gunman in Maryland Mall Shooting

Sad meal, but even sadness eats; sadness consumes; everything consumes something, a system of continuance that elicits both tears and smiles, often regarding parts of a same incident. Can’t have situations I. Which every participant wins….

Black America Web

COLUMBIA, Md. (AP) — Police have identified the gunman in the Maryland mall shooting as a 19 year old from suburban Washington.

Howard County Police Chief William McMahon said Darion Marcus Aguilar of College Park, Md., arrived at the mall shortly after 10 a.m. on Saturday armed with a Mossburg 12-gauge shotgun and used it to kill two people at a store on the upper level of the Mall of Columbia before killing himself.

McMahon said police are trying to determine whether Aguilar knew either of the victims.

Police identified the victims as 21-year-old Brianna Benlolo of College Park, Md., and 25-year-old Tyler Johnson of Ellicott City, Md. Both worked at a skateboard shop called Zumiez.

It took hours to identify the shooter since he was carrying ammunition and a backpack and police thought he may have had explosives, McMahon said. When the body was searched, police found crude homemade…

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Family: Brain-Dead Texas Woman Off Life Support

Left-over! Difficult “snack” but filling! Brain-dead; rights to die with forms of dignity….

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FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — A brain-dead, pregnant Texas woman’s body was removed from life support Sunday, as the hospital keeping her on machines against her family’s wishes acceded to a judge’s ruling that it was misapplying state law.

Marlise Munoz‘s body soon will be buried by her husband and parents, after John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth announced it would not fight Judge R.H. Wallace Jr.’s Friday order to pronounce her dead and return her body to her family. The 23-week-old fetus she was carrying will not be born.

The hospital’s decision Sunday brings an apparent end to a case that became a touchstone for national debates about the beginning and end of life, and whether a pregnant woman who is considered legally and medically dead should be kept on life support for the sake of a fetus.

Munoz’s husband, Erick Munoz, sued the hospital because…

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[020] stardust

Eat anytime, can’t over eat this! Okay to be a glutton when food like this is being served!

The End

We are stardust.
Billion year old carbon
We are golden.
Caught in the devil’s bargain
And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.
– Joni Mitchell

For a species that was mucking about in the slime just last week (in geologic time), our civilization has advanced at a pretty good clip. In the space of only ten thousand generations, our illustrious family went from taming fire to screwing in lightbulbs to igniting the ion thrusters of interplanetary probes. We are golden. But we pay a price, small or large, for every step out of the darkness.

Take those lightbulbs, for example. Humans are too puny to be seen from space. Even Chris Christie. You can’t even see the giant bridges he sabotages, or what he ate for lunch. So you’d never know there are 7+ billion of us scampering around on this orb. Until nightfall. Because what…

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Would you rather??

Necessary component of any meal


This blog is a tribute to one of my bezzers. Bleurgh, that touch on sentimentality makes me feel a bit sick. However, I do need to give credit to Doctor Jones aka hamsandwhichface aka buttplug for feeding me with a question that I did not think would one day be expressed on the internwebs. I have kept my sister from another mister’s name a secret. I have hidden her identity, partly because I don’t want her to get harassed when I become famous, but mainly because I don’t want our mother to get locked in the chokey for getting impregnated by another man.

When I was working down in London town a while ago, for a charity which aimed to save orangutans, my chummy asked me a question. She asked, ‘would you rather be chained to a grotesque man for the rest of your life, or live on your own…

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Would you rather??

Would you rather??.

Bonding over that blobby crevis at the bottom of your back.

A form of recipe! –more banter, please!


Bit of bum banter.

From my travels I have learnt that bum banter seems to be rather universal.
Bum banter seems to be an odd point for a conversation starter so I will leave you simply with this image.
I do not feel the need to explain myself further to make myself less odd… Jokes.
Seeing as this is an odd comment to make I do actually feel the need to make myself feel less odd in thinking this. I will prove that bum bantz is universal

Here, I am referring to the UK definition of the bum as the blob with a thick crack at the bum (aka at the bottom)  at of your back (aka the bum) aka the bottom. You know, the bum? That mound that on the back of your body seperated by a crevis that looks like an earthquake happened between two fleshy mounds.


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Quote of the Day: Einstein

Food we all need!! –affects all that exists! –“humans’ are only parts of existence, that we joined in progress! –we didn’t start it,and even our demise wouldn’t end it! –meals for anytime, any day! –main course.

Canadian Macrobiotics


“A human being is part of the whole, called by us “Universe,” a part limited in time and space. He experience himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion, of his consciousness. The delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires, and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures, and the whole of nature in its beauty.”
~ Albert Einstein

– – – – –

Many people feel that spirituality and science contradict each other, but nothing could be further from the truth; one of the greatest scientific minds of the Western world also happened to be a very spiritually enlightened man.

Today’s sciences of quantum physics and epigenetics continue to give us qualitative…

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Pre-Biblical TV

Food for anytime

Yellow-billed loon in the Netherlands

Witnesses: Rebels Flee C. African Republic Capital

Deadly influence; affects tastes of food already liked.