Should “potential fathers” have any say in abortion?

Choice matters! –getting pregnant was “chosen” for me by a rapist! –I didn’t have that child when I was sixteen!! –rapist was 25! –never, never spoke to me! –had a third trimester saline-induced abortion when I was 16, became pregnant when I was 15, was left frigid and silent for many, many years….. Didn’t have a pregnancy that I wanted till I was 37 and living in Massachusetts! –child of a wonderful sperm donor! –took that long and many difficulties including a (biologically) childless marriage, but I was so ready for,this pregnancy! –did everything to prepare for this child, even before I became pregnant! –and I’m so glad that I did!

Of course women should have the right to choose. But.. shouldn’t the potential father have the right to be consulted, too?”

If you talk about abortion a lot, and you’re coming from the pro-choice side of the spectrum, you’ve probably heard this- or maybe even said it- a few times. The reasons people give for saying it tend to boil down to two basic ideas: that both people are parents of the potential child and so both should have a say, and that it can be incredibly hurtful to men who want to be parents, if their partners abort the pregnancy that they still want.

Both of those points refer to very real, significant things, and it’s only natural to empathise with people in that situation. However, I’m going to argue that, despite these, there should be no obligation on the part of a pregnant person to consult with, or…

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