10 best NASA 2013 photos

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HubbleSpace Telescopehas detectedadistantgalaxy,asupernovaandphotographed it.


Spectacularexplosionon the surfaceof the Sun


NebulaThe Witch Head

The name of thisnebulacomes fromtheresemblancethewicked witchof fairy tales, so they named it«Witch Head Nebula».Thelenscapturedthe spacetelescopeWISE (Wide-field Infrared Survey –Surveyinfraredimageswithwide field) with NASA’sinfraredvision. The cloudsof the nebula, forminga birthof new starsanddustglow witha greenlight.


The brightcloudsof dustin the nebulaof Orion.


ThenebulaHorse Head»- Horse-head Nebula


PhotoofFloresislandof Indonesiafrom spacethe lens ofscientific researchsatelliteofNASA.


TheEtaKeel:It isastar systemlocated about7,500light yearsfromthe solarsystem. The…

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