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Storm Over My Marshland

Apple marketing chief Schiller unfollows Nest, Tony Fadell on Twitter following Google deal

Feds Investigating Christie’s Use Of Sandy Relief Funds

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Published on Jan 13, 2014

Just days after dismissing two top advisers for their roles in the George Washington Bridge scandal, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is facing questions over the use of Superstorm Sandy relief funds.

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Chris Christie rocked by Superstorm Sandy relief scandal

NEW JERSEY governor Chris Christie is being investigated over claims he used Superstorm Sandy relief funds to make tourism ads starring him and his family.

News of the investigation couldn’t come at a worse time for the “scandal-plagued Republican”, says CNN. Late last week he was forced to sack two aides who allegedly ordered the closure of lanes on the George Washington Bridge as part of a vendetta against a political opponent.

Christie’s office has been “paralysed” by the bridge scandal which is about to trigger a…

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Researchers discover that coevolution between humans and bacteria reduces gastric cancer risk


             IMAGE:   This image shows admixture proportions (C-F) of human (C and D) and H. pylori (E and F) ancestry (n = 233). Each human host and his or her corresponding H….

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Research carried out in two distinct communities in Colombia illustrates how coevolution between humans and bacteria can affect a person’s risk of disease.  Working with colleagues in Columbia and the U.S., Scott Williams, PhD, a professor of genetics at the Geisel School of Medicine and the Institute of Quantitative Biomedical Sciences (iQBS) at Dartmouth, and his graduate student Nuri Kodaman discovered that the risk of developing gastric cancer depends heavily on both the ancestry of the person and the ancestry of Helicobacter pylori with which that person is infected. About half of the world’s population is infected with H. pylori. The microbe usually only causes minor gastric inflammation, but…

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Smog In Beijing is so bad that You Have to Watch the Sunrise On TV !!!

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Chinese sunsetThese TVs are now being used to display the sunrise.

If you want to see the sunrise in Beijing, you can’t necessarily look up in the sky.

The smog has become so dangerously thick, officials are televising virtual sunrises on massive TV screens throughout the city. The screens are normally used for advertisements for local tourist destinations, but are now being used for something that the rest of us perhaps take for granted.

Viewing the sunrise isn’t the only thing affected by the smog. Chinese officials had to close some freeways because of low visibility levels. On Thursday, the level of pollution was “hazardous,” meaning that the air quality index was many times over what’s considered safe by the World Health Organisation, according to The New York Times.

Check out the video below to see what the sunrise looks like on a giant TV screen.



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Strumming in Plum Top in Plus Size

60s Fashion

Make a statement at open mic night by strumming your latest song while wearing this plum top. Its kimono-style short sleeves and fitted empire waist give your a…

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North Carolina’s poorest hit by federal cuts: ‘Unless someone helps, we’re bust’

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As Congress wrangles with whether to restore long-term unemployment benefits, North Carolina is already experiencing the hardship likely to unfold unless the program is restored

North Carolina food bank
Theresa Whidbee-Walker first found the Food Bank of the Albemarle as a customer and returns now to volunteer. Photograph: James Robinson

Eight hours may seem a long time to wait for a meal. But the line of cars that formed in a derelict parking lot in Hertford, North Carolina, early last Thursday morning, full of people waiting for a few cans of soup and some pasta from a local food bank, was nothing unusual. Almost every morning now, there is a line like that somewhere in North Carolina.

From a distance, the rows of cars look innocuous enough. But they are a symbol of the desperation that has gotten worse in…

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Friday Night Think Tank: Seasonal Time Travel Edition

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Doc BrownHappy Friday night, Modern Philosophers!

I fell asleep on the couch at The House on the Hill because this has been a long and grueling week.  As a result, my Deep Thinking toga is a bit wrinkled, I’m not quite awake, and the topic for this week’s exercise is a little muddled.  But since we are Modern Philosophers, we can generate Deep Thoughts on the oddest of topics, can’t we?

While I was napping on the couch, I had a dream about being waist deep in snow, surrounded by the white stuff for as far as the eye could see, and there was no other sign of life in any direction.  It was a very disturbing napmare!

Clearly, I am obsessed with the weather.  Winter stresses me severely.  I cannot wait for it to be over, and I pray daily that I survive this season of snow, ice, and frigid…

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