Friday Night Think Tank: Seasonal Time Travel Edition

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Doc BrownHappy Friday night, Modern Philosophers!

I fell asleep on the couch at The House on the Hill because this has been a long and grueling week.  As a result, my Deep Thinking toga is a bit wrinkled, I’m not quite awake, and the topic for this week’s exercise is a little muddled.  But since we are Modern Philosophers, we can generate Deep Thoughts on the oddest of topics, can’t we?

While I was napping on the couch, I had a dream about being waist deep in snow, surrounded by the white stuff for as far as the eye could see, and there was no other sign of life in any direction.  It was a very disturbing napmare!

Clearly, I am obsessed with the weather.  Winter stresses me severely.  I cannot wait for it to be over, and I pray daily that I survive this season of snow, ice, and frigid…

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