Bonding over that blobby crevis at the bottom of your back.

A form of recipe! –more banter, please!


Bit of bum banter.

From my travels I have learnt that bum banter seems to be rather universal.
Bum banter seems to be an odd point for a conversation starter so I will leave you simply with this image.
I do not feel the need to explain myself further to make myself less odd… Jokes.
Seeing as this is an odd comment to make I do actually feel the need to make myself feel less odd in thinking this. I will prove that bum bantz is universal

Here, I am referring to the UK definition of the bum as the blob with a thick crack at the bum (aka at the bottom)  at of your back (aka the bum) aka the bottom. You know, the bum? That mound that on the back of your body seperated by a crevis that looks like an earthquake happened between two fleshy mounds.


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