Would you rather??

Necessary component of any meal


This blog is a tribute to one of my bezzers. Bleurgh, that touch on sentimentality makes me feel a bit sick. However, I do need to give credit to Doctor Jones aka hamsandwhichface aka buttplug for feeding me with a question that I did not think would one day be expressed on the internwebs. I have kept my sister from another mister’s name a secret. I have hidden her identity, partly because I don’t want her to get harassed when I become famous, but mainly because I don’t want our mother to get locked in the chokey for getting impregnated by another man.

When I was working down in London town a while ago, for a charity which aimed to save orangutans, my chummy asked me a question. She asked, ‘would you rather be chained to a grotesque man for the rest of your life, or live on your own…

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About Moxie Supper

I love limited forking. I'm a maker of "poams" (products of acts of making)--as discussed on 4orkology.com and 4orked.com

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