I ponder if animals ponder??

Tasty anytime. all the time meal! –dessert and vitamin supplement!


I have always wondered and pondered about the thoughts of animals. I understand that this might be a question that a toddler might ask, but then again the fact that I am thinking this thought and proceeding onwards to express this thought, proves that I can think. I can think, but I am not animal. I am a human. I guess i can think,  but maybe not think up the exact response. I am going to express my thinking with lots and lots of questions, in hopes that one day a dog will read this blog and reply.


Now, I have been in the above situation many times. I have looked at a small dog and thought,’ what is it that you are thinking? How do you think,small dog?’.

I have told myself that the dog creature would simply think ‘woof’ to everything in it’s life. And it works on…

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I love limited forking. I'm a maker of "poams" (products of acts of making)--as discussed on 4orkology.com and 4orked.com

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