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Quote of the Day: Zen Mondo

Makes so much sense: temperature of the meal should be whatever it is, palette adjusting as necessary; fluctuating as what’s served cools and acclimates to prevailing ambient temperature systems; hot for a while….

Canadian Macrobiotics


“A monk asked Donghan: ‘How do you avoid the discomfort of hot and cold?’
The master said: ‘Go to that place where there is no hot and cold.’
‘Where is that?’ asked the monk.
‘When you are hot, be hot. When you are cold, be cold.'”
~ Zen Mondo

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This is another great quote whose meaning to me has evolved alongside the changes in my own perception of the world around me.

I share it with all of you as something to come back to from time to time, to see if its meaning to you has deepened with your own growth.

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#NaNoWriMo: Comfort in a Cotton Frock – 1st November

Great way to serve meals to myself

First Night Design

#NaNoWriMo Day 1

This is the start of a memoir that is being submitted as part of National Novel Writing Month. That it’s not fiction makes me, I’ve learned, a NaNo Rebel for they are asking for fiction in any genre. I care not since I’ve always been a bit of a rebel in my way.  Fifty thousand words is required which is doubtless beyond me as life has a predictable way of flipping me upside down and inside out, especially when I need to concentrate most.  Why? This memoir will explain all.  Eventually!  I can’t quite believe I’m opening myself up by posting my progress on this blog but I know it is what I need to get back to writing.  Constructive criticism is positively welcomed.  All such posts are drafts; with that in mind, read on…


My father has died. I think I did not greatly care for him but…

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