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Why Comcast Is Buying Time Warner Cable and Other Fascinating News on the Web


  1. The Comcast-Time Warner Cable Deal

    In an apparent quest to consolidate consumer frustration, Comcast has announced that it is acquiring Time Warner Cable for a cool $45 billion. As Om Malik correctly points out, this deal is less about TV and more about Internet pipes. Will the Feds approve the deal? Regulators advised that the merger is important, and will be considered in the order it was received.

    + One sentence and six charts to explain why Comcast is buying Time Warner Cable.

    + The WSJ has a pretty incredible chart showing how we went from having thirty cable providers to having just three huge operators.

    + Comcast and Time Warner Cable are two of the most hated names among consumers. So is it time for a new name?

    + It’s impossible to make an accurate list of something as subjective and broad as the 50…

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nobrainer Imagine that you cannot see or hear and have no sense of smell, taste or touch. Imagine that you have no arms or legs or mouth. Imagine that you have no brain. How would you find food? How would you survive?

On his blog, Matt Russell tells the story of how bacteria manage to survive and thrive despite not having any of the basic tools that we would consider essential for living. It’s a story of survival against the odds that can perhaps teach us something about ourselves.

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Expansion Of Bottle Bill Again Proposed At Legislature