Failure to fail

Important to fail! –many discoveries depend in failure systems! –advancements in, for instance, science depend on failure systems; recall those O-rings, and Feynman’s perseverance for forms of truth, that he wouldn’t have looked for without Challenger’s tragic –and preventable! –failure! –he was relentless, in uncovering what needed to be uncovered! –an idea is to build upon what was believed in the past, to update information, to not be afraid to attempt! –if the “worse” that can happen is “failure” –good! –fail to the best of one’s ability to fail! –too much emphasis is placed on that “highest” grade, but with an “A” a,so comes a ceiling, and that “A” indicates, that a form of “ceiling” has been attained, so there’s nowhere necessary to go; all that could be learned, has been learned! –but with an “F” (for “fine failure”, for instance, there’s many directions to proceed! –I’m so hungry for failure! –will be my lunch (1:22 pm EST)

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failed I was watching a reality TV show recently and one of the eager young contestants proudly boasted, “I have never failed at anything I’ve tried to do!”

He smirked for the camera, and I thought, “Loser!”

Why? Because failing to fail is the greatest failure of all.

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  1. Thank you Steve! –gave me a reason to say what I said! –great lunch!

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