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7 ways to have fun with DNA

Fascinating tines! Thank you for this!

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When TED Fellow Gabriel Barcia-Colombo saw an extraction of strawberry DNA for the first time, he was smitten. “I’d never thought about DNA being a beautiful thing before I saw it in this form,” he says in today’s talk, given at the TED Fellows Retreat.

Barcia-Colombo was inspired to join the public biotech lab Genspace, where biotechnologist Oliver Medvedik had shown him that gorgeous strawberry DNA. The two worked on extracting human DNA and, from there, Barcia-Colombo took the obvious next step: holding dinner parties dedicated toward the extraction of his friends’ DNA. (You have, too, right?)

“A lot of people, especially in the art community, don’t necessarily engage in science in this way,” Barcia-Colombo says. His artist friends were really excited about the experimentation, and he was excited about their excitement. He started collecting their DNA in little vials.

One day, it hit Barcia-Colombo that DNA’s spirals…

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