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9 Astounding Facts We’ve Learned About Space Since ‘Cosmos’ Was Last on Television

Great meal to start any day from anywhere in any universe; even universes consume and require some sort of fuel. We’re part of space! — like any other stardust remnants, star particles, we bifurcate, connect, and accrete extensions, changing form in part as response system of connecting and in these connections exchanging information some of which gets exchanged in subsequent connections ! I’m impressed (and hungry for) that there are so many ways to connect and nourish while we’re being nourished! –on our way to becoming something that we aren’t right now…

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The last time Cosmos was on television was 34 years ago. In 1980, as the inimitable Carl Sagan was dazzling audiences across America, some 1 billion miles away two diminutive flying robots were approaching giant cold worlds never before seen by human eyes. Although other spacecrafts had been to closer planets before, the incredible journeys of the Voyager probes set an unprecedented standard and ushered in a new era of space exploration. Since then, data-gathering spacecraft have been dispatched to explore other planets and moons in greater detail than ever before, probe the sun’s amazing structural layers, document asteroid and comet collisions and peer into the deepest reaches of space and time.

Since Sagan’s days, what we’ve been able to learn about our ever complex universe has been nothing short of astounding. With Cosmos coming back to television this year, now’s a fantastic opportunity to remind ourselves about the amazing achievements that science…

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