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Jack Kerouac and his Golden Eternity

Magnificent! –and all videos on some scale are advertisements, some advertise ways of seeing, ways of understanding, ways of bering –ways to use senses, to see, hear, feel, ingest, exude –ways to participate! –ways to feed and to be fed upon! –Moxie Supper approves! –consumes this and is consumed by this! –ways of existing….

Book of words

I tweeted this video a couple of days ago but decided it was too beautiful not to share on this blog. Although this video is an advertisement for a bicycle company, the cinematography, music and post-processing made this such a fine piece of artwork. More importantly, the haunting narration was based on a letter written by Beats generation maestro Jack Kerouac to his former wife that makes it existential, transcendent yet romantic at the same time.

This video was so good I watched it on loop for a good 10 minutes, so hope you guys will enjoy it and below is the full text:

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Would Anyone Have Cared About That Missing Plane If It Was A Black Woman?

other black women might care…. We’ve been eating meals of forms of rejection for many, too many years…. and sometimes, salty, sometimes butter, occasionally: just right!

10 Reasons Koalas Are Better At Life Than Humans

When Does Influence Become Plagiarism?

A question I’ve tried to ask in this inter-connected work of “tines” and “forks” –in fact, I was almost arrested when one of the publishers of my poetry sued another publisher for my poetry, and I was served a subpoena, ordering me to bring all “versions” of “poems” in question to court! — i was delighted to think I might go to jail for writing poems! –it was going to be legally decided at which point a “recision” became a new poem, but those publishers settled out of court, just before I got my chance to go on Oprah… and I imagined myself in jail, creating versions of the poem, since I had none…. All happened because in the galleys, I identified a poem that bore no resemblance to its source, but I knew that the sure piece had “influenced” the “new” piece which wouldn’t exist without the source piece, so I corrected that in the tallies, identifying the New” piece as a “revision” of another piece, one that didm;t appear in the agree that thee two publishers of literary poetry hadn’t agreed upon…. So, in essence,, guess I plagiarized my own piece of writing, a form, of regurgitation….

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What Happens When You Let Go Of Your Sadness

Why Getting Out Of Debt Should Be Your First Priority

No more slavery for me. Debt-free please! –the only meal I want. Thank you for posting this.

All the Airplanes that Have Mysteriously Vanished since 1948 …

Take off with Natarajan

All the airplanes that have mysteriously vanished since 1948

As this Bloomberg map shows, Malaysian flight 370 is not the first flight to mysteriously disappear. 83 flights have vanished since 1948—80 of them never to be found again (the dots in yellow). This map only includes flights capable of carrying more than 14 passengers.

Some more curious stats:

  • Five planes were missing in the famous Bermuda Triangle.
  • The DC-3 is the airplane with the higher count of disappearances: 19.
  • The average number of people missing: 13.
  • The average number of vanished flight per year: 1.2.

Check out the full Bloomberg infographic here.

 source::: http: // sploid.gizmodo.com


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