10 Reasons Koalas Are Better At Life Than Humans

Thought Catalog


1. Koalas eat about 2 ½ pounds of food, often at night.

Who doesn’t enjoy excessive grubbing in the evening? Unfortunately koala food is almost exclusively leaves, which seems like a letdown, but they’ve never experienced cheeseburgers or breakfast burritos so their ignorance is bliss.

2. Koalas sleep for up to 20 hours a day.

They say koalas aren’t trying to be lazy just because and the constant sleep is because their body exudes a lot of energy digesting the contents of their toxic, unhealthy diet but when I take a midday nap after eating Chinese food people are so quick to judge. 20 hours truly seems like the perfect amount of rest per day. Why? Because if you have a bad day it’s over and you’re sleeping before you know it, but if it’s a good day you go to bed happy, before things have a chance to…

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