My Best Friend Survived A Genocide, But You Wouldn’t Know It Until She Told You

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One of my best friends in the entire world is a Rwandan genocide survivor. If you would take a look at Angelique, you wouldn’t guess that she had experienced such unthinkable brutality in her life. Always dressed to fashionable perfection with coifed hair and carefully-applied makeup, the first thing that you will notice about her (beside her breathtaking beauty) is her broad smile.

We became fast friends during our first year of college and quickly began referring to ourselves as “sisters.” I loved sharing with her my culture. (I will never forget her surprise when she discovered that more ice cream flavors than “chocolate” and “vanilla” existed.) And in turn, I loved learning about Rwanda. (Likewise, I will never forget when she facetiously shared with me the number of cows her dowry would grow after having studied in the US.) She bought me beautiful Rwandan clothes and attempted to teach…

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