When Does Influence Become Plagiarism?

A question I’ve tried to ask in this inter-connected work of “tines” and “forks” –in fact, I was almost arrested when one of the publishers of my poetry sued another publisher for my poetry, and I was served a subpoena, ordering me to bring all “versions” of “poems” in question to court! — i was delighted to think I might go to jail for writing poems! –it was going to be legally decided at which point a “recision” became a new poem, but those publishers settled out of court, just before I got my chance to go on Oprah… and I imagined myself in jail, creating versions of the poem, since I had none…. All happened because in the galleys, I identified a poem that bore no resemblance to its source, but I knew that the sure piece had “influenced” the “new” piece which wouldn’t exist without the source piece, so I corrected that in the tallies, identifying the New” piece as a “revision” of another piece, one that didm;t appear in the agree that thee two publishers of literary poetry hadn’t agreed upon…. So, in essence,, guess I plagiarized my own piece of writing, a form, of regurgitation….

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Jacobs Marc / Youtube.comJacobs Marc / Youtube.com

In the latest of “Bitch Stole My Look”: a Hungarian woman named Angel Barta has come forth claiming that Marc Jacobs, former creative director of Louis Vuitton, has stolen all of her ideas for his clothes and campaigns.

Here’s Angel Barta’s blog, in which she details how and why Marc Jacobs has been swindling her for years. Yet in all of her blog’s absurdity — “Jacobs wants to hide me and the fact that he has been using MY ideas from the fashion industry. Since he discovered that my uniques style sells well, he plans to carry on hiding me and stealing my ideas as long as possible.” — it does raise an interesting question: that of influence and how we trace it or find proof of it. Because while Barta’s claims are, at the very least, far-fetched, there have still been copious instances of…

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