When Does Influence Become Plagiarism?

A question I’ve tried to ask in this inter-connected work of “tines” and “forks” –in fact, I was almost arrested when one of the publishers of my poetry sued another publisher for my poetry, and I was served a subpoena, ordering me to bring all “versions” of “poems” in question to court! — i was delighted to think I might go to jail for writing poems! –it was going to be legally decided at which point a “recision” became a new poem, but those publishers settled out of court, just before I got my chance to go on Oprah… and I imagined myself in jail, creating versions of the poem, since I had none…. All happened because in the galleys, I identified a poem that bore no resemblance to its source, but I knew that the sure piece had “influenced” the “new” piece which wouldn’t exist without the source piece, so I corrected that in the tallies, identifying the New” piece as a “revision” of another piece, one that didm;t appear in the agree that thee two publishers of literary poetry hadn’t agreed upon…. So, in essence,, guess I plagiarized my own piece of writing, a form, of regurgitation….

About Moxie Supper

I love limited forking. I'm a maker of "poams" (products of acts of making)--as discussed on 4orkology.com and 4orked.com.

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