Why Getting Out Of Debt Should Be Your First Priority

No more slavery for me. Debt-free please! –the only meal I want. Thank you for posting this.

Thought Catalog

Debt makes you a slave. It sucks away your meager paycheck, energy, and browbeats you into a rut that you desperately want to get out of. Each month, your car payment, credit card bills, student loans, and various other expenses pick away at the hours upon hours that you spent at a job that kills your soul. Each month, it leaves you feeling like all your hard work was for naught. It keeps you from moving out, from traveling, or pursuing your passion because you have to make sure your lenders aren’t calling you five times a day. It keeps you from living the life you should be living.

Some debt is necessary. Most people can’t buy a home or get an education to hopefully propel themselves to the middle class without getting a loan. Some debt is stupid, such as using credit cards to buy clothing, video games, nights…

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