The Pain of Others

Talks about “Moxie Supper’s poam “Advice” in this post, Let the Celery Rot s in most,beautiful patterns that still leave me hungry for more…”The Pain of Others“– excerpt of a poem in my book: “Last Chance for the Tarzan Holler” by Thylias Moss (aka Moxie Supper).


Important that we can project feelings about pain, suffering of others! –important principle of Limited Fork Theory –that we exchange, connect, bifurcate and are unable to remain the same as we were before the encounters, in this way changing even our destinies! –part of  a point that Carl Sagan makes in Pale Blue Dot

Pale Blue Dot (repeated)

This is how my toy stove, made for me by a Holocaust Survivor, subject of the poem “Advice” written because a professor I had at Oberlin announced that we shouldn’t appropriate experiences; Advice: here are copies I tried to make of the poem:Advice page 3Advice page 2Advice page 1Advice page 5Hope the publisher, Persea Books, doesn’t mind.

Yes; I am a sable lady, and no, I’m not Jewish, but I was raised by a Jewish couple, the Arnsteins, –I was their child; any other was lost in a need to decimate Jews, accused of everything going wrong in Germany.  No redemption for them…. But they raised me and loved me! –in their displacement, I became their child, and learned to love them as much as they loved me.  all led to this post:


Here’s how the toy stove looks now:

Toy Stove now 00Toy stove now 03aToy Stove now 03



An ability to make such things kept Mr. Arnstein alive! I can’t ever forget this…. Really motivated me to visit the Holocaust Memorial Museum 

and because of that couple, my babysitters while both of my parents worked –we lived in their attic; I felt a bond (undeserved) with Anne Frank I told Mrs. Arnstein that Mickey Mouse was my boyfriend; she didn’t question this at all, and allowed me to interact with her precious thins, the little she was able to confiscate from Europe.  All of thoe family was dead –there was only me.  I cooked everything with that toy stove! I learned to love brisket, challah, Babka and chicken soup because of her.  Wehn I worked as a junior executive auditor in downtown Cleveland (summer job before returning to college), I would eat lunch at Alvie’s: corned beef on rye with mustard, something I also ordered from Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor, as often as I could.




About Moxie Supper

I love limited forking. I'm a maker of "poams" (products of acts of making)--as discussed on and

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  1. This was hard to read, because of the pain involved, but it was a great read, a kind of stream-of-consciousness guided tour through pain and waning hope. It reminds me a lot of Bronte’s Villette, which I think you would love. I just read it for the second time in a year.

    • Thank you so much for being such a careful and respectful reader. I’m following your suggestion and reading Villette myself; will post on this connection that you gave me as son as I’m done. Guided tour indeed; appreciation like yours convinces me of necessity of writing this an making a guided your through pain –again: thanks so much for your company on this journey.

      • Villette is very ‘internal’. The inner struggle with doubt, fear about the future, humiliation/humility, and identity is something the author does so well. It is rich with metaphor and literary reference as well. I’m glad you’re reading it. A colleague of mine saw me with it and said “You read Bronte?!” I guess you don’t see a lot of 6-foot black guys with dreadlocks reading Victorian literature…

        Here’s some poetry if you like:

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