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Why Rumors Get Shared More Than The Truth and Other Fascinating News on the Web

Regurgitation may be in order. Stay tuned.

Dashboard Video Shows Shooting Of Unarmed Driver

Medicinal meal –not tasty but must be consumed

Apple Defends Against Allegations of Bending iPhone 6 Plus

Apple Offers Fix for iPhones Affected by iOS 8 Problems

ISO 8 fix – like a tablet for indigestion

Rho Ophiuchus, Unmodified

Our neighborhood! –very tasty picture! –I eat it up while it eats me up

Werner Priller

This is the next shot of our Bavarian/Austrian collaboration, the famous Rho Ophiuchus region in the constellation of Scorpio, close to the center of our home galaxy, the Milky Way. My first stacked deep sky image done with an unmodified camera, the 5d III, processed by my friend Bernd Weinzierl from Eisenerz/Austria. Please take a lot at his great work here: and a high-res version here: . Some three years ago when I looked at such images, I was blown away by the sheer beauty of them. Today, I´m still blown away…only difference – I´m doing them by myself now – LOL. Here´s an interesting link if you want to go deeper into Rho Ophiuchus: Enjoy!



One of the original Raw-files…



Rho Ophiuchus: 34 images stacked, with a total exposure time of 30 min., East-Coast Australia, Aug. 2013, 5d III & 70-200 @…

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Yup, this is a Barbie and Ken version of Jesus and the Virgin Mary

Want this Barbie for dinner, every meal, in-between snack also –every time is the right time for this miracle food

Here’s What a 100-Year-Old Sex Therapist Thinks is Wrong With Sex Today

An intimate meal of each other