Yup, this is a Barbie and Ken version of Jesus and the Virgin Mary

Want this Barbie for dinner, every meal, in-between snack also –every time is the right time for this miracle food

About Moxie Supper

I love limited forking. I'm a maker of "poams" (products of acts of making)--as discussed on 4orkology.com and 4orked.com

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  1. Why do we formulate our ideas about God based on the actions (or inactions) of man? I’ve heard some say that if God truly loves us, why is this world the way it is and if He doesn’t love us, then why should I care what He has to say? It actually saddens me that we take this stance (including myself). It saddens me because we are missing the mark. It bothers me because we allow others to have such a huge influence over us, suffer the consequences of it, and then blame God for letting it all happen. It’s hurtful to us and it’s hurtful to others. Certainly, this can expand into a multitude of tangents such as cognitive behavior, what goes around comes around, and even cosmic fate and manifest destiny.

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