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Here’s Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ Sung in 20 Different Musical Styles


Ever wondered what “Thriller” would sound like performed by Stevie Wonder? Or Rick Astley? Or the Spice Girls? Probably not, but you get to experience it anyway. Singer Anthony Vincent, the guy behind the YouTube channel Ten Second Songs, took Michael Jackson’s spooky smash hit and sang it in 20 different styles in under five minutes. He channels everyone from Busta Rhymes to Ozzy Osbourne to Robert Johnson with impressive accuracy.

We’ll probably stick with the original next time we feel like listening to “Thriller,” but still.

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‘Let’s Get Physics Y’all’ Music Video Makes Science Digestible for Ladies

good for amended digestion


Look, ladies. We might want to be scientists or generally do science things but we’re simply not mentally or physically equipped for it. Luckily, though, comedian and Parks and Recreation writer Megan Amram is out with a new book next month, Science…For Her!, to make science easier for females to digest.

To promote the book, which is basically a Cosmpolitan-style guide to lady-friendly science, Amram enlisted fellow funny-people Nick Offerman, Rich Fulcher and Steve Agee to star this this parody video, “‘Let’s Get Physics Y’all.” As you can probably imagine, it’s completely ridiculous and weird and totally hilarious.

Still, though, this will always be our favorite “Physical” parody:

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Liberia Hopes Ebola Diagnosis in the U.S. Will Lead to More Help

Not hungry for this but would like aftertaste a contained


The news that a man who recently traveled from Liberia to Dallas has been diagnosed with Ebola, the first diagnosis on American soil, was met with mixed reaction Wednesday in one of the West African countries struggling to contain the deadly disease.

Government officials in the capital Monrovia said they have no knowledge of the man’s identity, and have privately expressed frustration that the United States, citing patient confidentiality laws, has not revealed his name or even his nationality. Liberians, ever sensitive to the stigma of Ebola, repeatedly point out that just because the man departed from the capital’s international airport on Sept. 19, it does not necessarily mean he is, in fact, Liberian.

That frustration is reflected on the country’s lively call-in radio talk show. Callers want to be able to identify the man, and pinpoint his nationality, because they say they want to “clear Liberia’s name.” Liberians…

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