See Powerful Photos of Blind Children Getting Their Sight Back

Wonderful to see and eat this food!


Anita and Sonia Singh were born into darkness. Like millions of people around the world, the two girls came into the world with congenital cataracts, robbing them of all but the faintest awareness of light and dark. In a congenital cataract, the lens of the eye is clouded from the moment of birth, leaving the pupil a milky white or gray. A person with the condition—if left untreated—will be blind for life.

India, where Anita, 5, and Sonia, 12, were born, is home to an estimated 12 million of the 39 million blind people in the world. The good news about congenital cataracts is that the condition is curable with a simple surgical operation, one that takes as little as 15 minutes, provided the work is done when the patient is young enough for the brain to recalibrate to the light. In India, such an operation might cost $300—at least…

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