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Apple Launches Two-Week RED Campaign to Help Fight HIV/AIDs

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Apple is teaming up with the charity RED to launch a two-week campaign across its app, retail and online stores to raise money to help fight HIV/AIDs and has recruited 25 top app-makers to help.

All proceeds will be donated to the Global Fund to be used in providing antiretroviral drugs and treatment to those suffering from AIDS, USA Today reports.

“We’ve been involved with RED from the beginning and have raised $75 million, but we were convinced there was an opportunity to get people to rediscover this cause,” said Apple’s senior vice-president of software and services, Eddy Cue.

The app-makers taking part in the campaign have modified parts of their products to include new RED-themed features. For example, customers who buy Clash of Clans can unlock RED gems and those playing FIFA 15 Ultimate Team can complete in a RED tournament.

Apple’s campaign will run from Nov. 28 to…

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Electric Shock to the Tongue

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