Daily Archives: November 27, 2014

Watch Out For These 3 Holiday Online Shopping Scams

Bust doors and be careful that you don’t leave any breadcrumbs that can betrayed to you, and your entire financial refrigerator! Eat carefully!

Why Ferguson Should Matter to Asian-Americans

Who are we? Why so difficult to pass along information, tine to tine? What about the masalas, those mixtures that are everything and nothing? To whom do we owe allegiance? If you have any black (I do) then you’re black –and I am, but also other things –I eat it all! –all of it has tines of me.

5 Great Reasons to Celebrate International Buy Nothing Day Instead of Black Friday

Form of leftovers –if you’re opposed to systems converging and conspiring to form that shopping day: Black Friday (for some of us, it’s black everyday! –that’s what we eat and that’s what we are! –some identity sandwiches, that’s all.

7 English Words You’d Never Guess Have American Indian Roots

Eat these words! Already spicy by the way

Ebola Vaccine Is Safe and Effective, According to First Study

Encouraging news! –just in time for dinner