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A day to share with others, no matter what, and a day, like all days to be sure that all are forgiven!  That’s what today is for me! — as 2014 draws to a close, I want all who have ever crossed my path to know that they are forgiven!  –Anything that has ever been done to me, for whatever reason: all is forgiven! because language matters” –language of what we say, don’t say! –language of how we hurt, heal, soothe; language of how we touch, how we interact, how we believe, how we praise, how we denounce, how we live, blame,

–I don’t want this day, this moment this season to end without my spreading forgiveness to all! –including (and especially Charles Jones: a reason for my spiraling): I  forgive him for being the first man to get me pregnant; I forgive him for all of that; I forgive his brother Gregory, for introducing me to Charles, his older brother; I forgive them all.  I forgive Blondell; I forgive Everest Tucker, I forgive Michelle [who I hope will also forgive me]; I forgive Dennis, a son who I hope will also forgve me, no matter how or why he became my son], I forgive LT Randle, I forgive Dothlyn Smith, (for intruding into my  marriage), I forgive my ex-spouse [who remains special for many reasons, and permitted the intrusion of Ms. Smith into the marriage] –sorry if I didn’t mention you by name –but you are in fact forgiven!

–Without becoming a doormat, I still forgive so many, all –and I hold no grudge; All are absolved
–I carry into 2015 none of what has happened to me  during my 60 years…

The Missing AirAsia Jet Could be ‘At the Bottom of the Sea’ Searchers Say

Don’t want another serving of anything like this…. Hate to be a bottom-feeder…. Such a sad and tragic meal….


[time-brightcove videoid=3963582046001]

The search for AirAsia Flight QZ8501 has resumed, a day after the plane disappeared en route from Indonesia to Singapore with 162 people on board. But the official in charge of efforts has admitted it likely lies “at the bottom of the sea.”

On Sunday, search vessels and aircraft were not able to spot any sign of the Airbus A320-200, which lost contact with air traffic control over the Java Sea 42 minutes after departing Surabaya, Indonesia, at 5.35 a.m. local time.

“Based on the coordinates given to us and evaluation that the estimated crash position is in the sea, the hypothesis is the plane is at the bottom of the sea,” Indonesia’s National Search and Rescue Agency chief Bambang Soelistyo told a press conference Monday morning.

Records show Captain Iriyanto, who like many Indonesians only uses one name, had requested to ascend from 32,000 feet to 38,000…

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Michelle Obama Tweeted the Ultimate Throwback Thursday Christmas Photo

Yummy! Throwback yummy!


Michelle Obama killed two Twitter birds with one stone — a Christmas post and a #tbt post — when she shared an old photo of her, Barack and his awesomely dated sweater vest on Thursday. (If Malia Obama hasn’t already discovered that sweater in a closet and worn it to an ugly sweater Christmas party, it’s only a matter of time.)

The photo shows off the couple’s Christmas tree-decorating skills in the back, though FLOTUS and POTUS have since moved on to much, much bigger trees.

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What the Waves Did to Aceh

Oh Christmas on Banda Aceh! What a Christmas feast! Devastation and forms of hope in the same meal! –“clean plate”, “clean slate” club!


1A few minutes after the catastrophic Indian Ocean earthquake of Dec. 26, 2004, two massive explosions tore through Lampuuk, a small seaside village in the Indonesian province of Aceh.

“I thought they must be crazy,” says Lampuuk resident Sofyan. “The guerrillas and the military are bombing each other — even at a time like this?”

It wasn’t as though you could blame him. Acehnese separatists had been battling the Indonesian army for almost three decades. (For much of the 20th century, they had been fighting the Dutch.) This time, though, the noise didn’t come from artillery. It came from a 20-m-high tsunami wave crashing into the beach — and as the deluge devoured the province, it brought more devastation than all of its previous conflicts combined. At least 130,000 Acehnese perished, and 1 in every 9 lost their homes, in what became known as the Asian tsunami.

But the destruction…

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Court Denies Roman Polanski’s Motion to Dismiss 1977 Sex Case

Hardly Christmas spirit; hardly best way to enter a new year, but readiness hardly matters for whether or not we’re ready, enter it we will, still hungry for improvement no matter how elusive…. Fugitive feasts. Fugitive hungers.

How America’s First Self-Made Female Millionaire Built Her Fortune

Black-girl Power! –for every meal! –every snack! Whenever a mouth opens, feast on this!


America’s first black female millionaire — and the first woman of any race to become a self-made millionaire — built an empire from nearly nothing in one of the most spectacular rags-to-riches stories in U.S. history.

When Sarah Breedlove was born on this day, Dec. 23, in 1867, to former slaves on a Louisiana cotton plantation, she had already achieved a milestone as the first of her parents’ five children born into freedom. Still, the odds were heavily stacked against her. Orphaned at 7, married at 14, and widowed at 20, she became a single mother earning $1.50 a day as a washerwoman.

And while her 1919 obituary in the New York Times portrays her meteoric rise to business success as something she simply decided to do one day — “One morning while bending over her wash she suddenly realized that there was no prospect on her meager wage…

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Odds For Life on Mars Drink Up—a Little

Not yet completely ready to be consumed; half-full glass is on the table; I admit to being thirsty.


September of 2013 was a bad time for those who hope there’s life on Mars. We’ve had evidence for decades that water flowed freely across the surface of the Red Planet billions of years ago, and that evidence has only gotten stronger and stronger the closer we look. Not only was there potentially life-giving water back then: Mars also had the right kind of geology to support mineral-eating microbes. And while all of that was in the distant past, the detection of methane in the Martian atmosphere by Earth-based telescopes and Mars orbiters raised hopes that bacteria might still be thriving below the surface—not unreasonable, both because all manner of Earthly critters do perfectly well below-ground and because the vast majority of methane in our own atmosphere results from biological activity. Mars’s methane might come from a similar source.

But when the Curiosity rover sniffed the Martian air directly…

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Dallas with kids

So very good to eat; a recipe for family

Drink - Play - Love

Our family flew to Dallas for U.S. Thanksgiving to visit my sister Leslie and brother-in-law Kyle who live there. Blake had never experienced Thanksgiving, American-style, and I was eager to return to my birth state (truth) and see how Dallas had changed since I was last there (in, um, 1991).

Posing outside the Perot Museum in Dallas. As in Ross Perot. Remember him? Posing outside the Perot Museum in Dallas. As in Ross Perot. Remember him?

We prepped Bennett with a social story called My Trip to Dallas, that included pictures of all the places we might go and the things we might do. Our agenda didn’t include much beyond turkey and a Black Friday sale or two, but here are a few of the highlights.

1. Planetarium show 

Kyle works at the Perot (as in Ross) Museum of Nature and Science where he does educational outreach and planetarium shows for school groups inside a portable Nomad Dome planetarium. We were treated to…

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Rewriting underway! Re-visioning underway!

Eat it all! I love dining on fairy tales! Eager for the menu! –will you have a take-out option?

Thylias Moss Writing

My  fairy tale now has a new tittle: “Once Upon A Sky-Blue Tine” (related to limited fork theory) and possibly a subtitle: “a nursing home survival guide” —since there are two old people [over 60] holed up in a hotel having wild and passionate sex –sounds like a fairy tale doesn’t it? –and the Dream Baby woman has MS –not the usual Hollywood stuff at all!

So keep forking! as will I on Facebook as “Forker Gryle

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Sierra Leone Has Overtaken Liberia in Ebola

What disastrous and brutal food! So very sorry Sierra Leone! Being consumed, eaten by this virus….


Sierra Leone has the highest number of Ebola cases of any country, according to the most recent World Health Organization statistics.

Sierra Leone has seen 7,780 cases of Ebola, more than the 7,719 cases in Liberia, WHO figures published on Monday show. Some 17,800 people have fallen ill with virus in those two countries and in Guinea, 6,187 of whom have died.

In the WHO’s latest situation report, published last week, the group said its goal of safely burying 70 % of Ebola victims and isolating 70 % of Ebola patients had been met in “most districts” of the three hardest-hit West African countries. The WHO cited Liberia as a bright point in the global effort to contain the disease, reporting that case incidence was “stable or declining” in the struggling nation, where 3,177 people have died from the disease.

Yet the WHO said that transmission of the virus…

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