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Alan Menken Tells the Stories Behind Your Favorite Disney Classics

Quite tasty, actually, glad I ate this. Really glad (even though most of my recipes don’t rely on Disney ingredients, and I did take my children to Disneyworld and Disneyland)

Researchers Make Super Mario Self-Aware

Feed yourself of course! –and grow from that!

Andrae Crouch, Legendary Gospel Figure, Dies at 72

Very sad early morning taste

Pale Blue Bot – Carl Sagan

My inspiration for today and any day, really, as I do further work on my emerging “Fairy Tale” is Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot”

I go to this video for perspective and meaning; essence of limited forking! –no; this world isn’t ours, and a time will come when none of us will be able to claim anything… I know that for now there’s quality f life, but the time will come, perhaps to for millions, or billions and billions of years; but the time will come when one of the will matter –could be for cosmic reasons, or we may just finish off the planet ourselves, allowing human conflicts and corruptions to dominate better and compassionate judgments… ]

We may run out of the very things, substances that keep us straggling and struggling to be alive.

So many factors, most if which are already out f human control; things we’ve already set in motion must play out! –there’s no turning back! –and we exist in space like everything else; we’re all susceptible to cosmic d=forces, cosmic threats, cosmic demises –such possibilities are also real!

Keep in mind that the Sun is just an ordinary star, and like any other star, the sun will also burn out, if other forces don’t eliminate, devote the death until then –but when the sun burn out, when it loses its ability to sustain this planet, then lights out!  Final! 

Guess I shouldn’t be this dismal as a new year begins, but why not now? –guess I do have some “fairy tale” hope in ” once upon a time” and “they live happily ever after


One Good Reason to Eat Chocolate Today

Starting my new year (and every day) with something I already enjoy! –a regular chocolate fool! –every meal and snack of the day!