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This Fifty Shades of Grey LEGO Spoof Gives a Whole New Meaning to the Words ‘Sex Toy’

Salacious smack with snack?
“Play” with this…


Well, everything is awesome about this Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer made entirely out of LEGOs. And by “awesome” we mean really weird and kind of hilarious.

The YouTube channel that previously brought us LEGO versions of Guardians of the Galaxy and that viral “first kiss” video are back, and this just might be their best work yet. It’s all the whips and chains and husky voices of the original Fifty Shades trailer, made so much more awkward.


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DNA Tests Confirm NYC Subway Is a Germaphobe’s Worst Nightmare

Plenty of meals for the microscopic! Germs have to eat also! And seems they’ve chosen a “Moxie Supper”


A study of the New York City subway system had identified thousands of unseen critters and microbes dwelling among the commuters.

A team from Weill Cornell Medical College collected DNA samples from places like handrails and benches across 466 stations over a period of 18 months and sequenced the genetic material to determine exactly who—or what—was living in the underground metropolis, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The researchers identified 15,152 types of life forms, ranging from rodents and insects to the bacteria that cause the bubonic plague — though the city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene disputes that last claim, noting that bacteria doesn’t occur naturally in the region.

Among the most commonly identified DNA came from bacteria that cause food poisoning and bacteria that cause urinary-tract infections, though the researchers said the levels detected did not pose a public health risk, the Journal reports. Other genetic material found…

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Eating Organic Produce Exposes You to Fewer Pesticides, Study Says

Pest-free please’


The recent debate over organic food has focused largely on nutrition. But the central question of whether organic is better for you than food grown conventionally might have at least as much to do with pesticide exposure as nutrient value.

At least, that’s been the theory held by many organic advocates. And while it might seem obvious that eating organic food is a good way to avoid eating pesticides, there hasn’t been a great deal of science to prove it—until now.

A new study, published today in Environmental Health Perspectives, is the first and largest of its kind and it takes us a step closer to understanding the health risks of pesticide exposure by making a clearer connection between the food eaten and the pesticides present in the bodies of people who eat it. Using dietary exposure data from nearly 4,500 people in six cities, the study…

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Malaysia Bans Fifty Shades of Grey

No surprises for this midnight snack


Malaysia will not allow the release of Fifty Shades of Grey after the country’s censorship board expressed concerns over its explicit sexual content.

The Malaysian Film Censorship Board denied a certificate to the much anticipated adaptation of the steamy novel, which is set for wide release in the U.S. on Feb. 13, Variety reports.

“The board made a decision in view of the film containing scenes that are not of natural sexual content,” said Abdul Halim Abdul Hamid, head of the Malaysian Film Censorship Board, according to Variety. The film “is more pornography than a movie,” he said.

The film, based on the erotic romantic best-seller by E.L. James, has already spawned boycott campaigns in the U.S. over its lengthy sex scenes.

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A 36-Pack of Condoms In Venezuela Now Costs $755 at Official Rates

Necessary, but could cause some to skip meals…


In Venezuela, a 36-pack of Trojan condoms now costs $755 at the official exchange rate. That’s the price being asked on the Mercado Libre web site, where Venezuelans go to buy goods in short supply.

Compare that to a box in the U.S., which goes for $21.

The huge mark-up is due to the collapse in oil prices, which has had disastrous consequences in Venezuela, Bloomberg reports.

The South American country relies on crude oil exports for 95 percent of its foreign currency earnings and has seen a 60 percent fall in those exports over the past seven months.

As a result of the government’s policy of slashing imports to make up for the deficit, consumer goods have become scarce and expensive, and people are forced to queue for hours to get basic products such as meat, sugar, medicine and now contraceptives.

For those with access to American dollars, condoms…

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There’s a Smartphone Attachment That Will Test for HIV in 15 Minutes

Hope this ultimately helps everything taste better…


A team of researchers from Columbia University have developed a device that can be plugged into a smartphone and used to quickly test for HIV and syphilis.

The mobile device tests for three infectious disease markers in just 15 minutes by using a finger-prick of blood, and draws all the power it needs from the smartphone, Science Daily reports.

The accessory costs an estimated $34 to make and is capable of replicating tests done in a laboratory using equipment that costs many thousands of dollars.

Samuel K. Sia, head researcher and associate professor of biomedical engineering at Columbia, described the smartphone accessory as “full laboratory-quality.”

Because it can be easily used in remote and impoverished areas, such as rural Africa, it is hoped the small but effective smartphone accessory will save millions of lives from sexually-transmitted diseases.

[Science Daily]

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