6 Vegetables to Love That Aren’t Kale

We keep unsolicited phone calls in which the answering machine means to say: “call” but instead says: “from out of area –toll-free “kale”… Not sure how that variety compares with “toll kale”


It’s okay to admit it: You’re getting a little sick of kale.

Or maybe you didn’t like it all that much to begin with? Either way, the trendy super-green has definitely had its 15 minutes of fame, and then some: recently, health-conscious New Yorkers getting ready for the big storm freaked out when stores ran out of kale. This, after rumors of a shortage last year were all over the news, even inspiring a parody. Some people have even been naming their children “Kale.” (And you thought Apple was a weird name.)

All this is to say that our kale obsession has gotten way out of hand. Note: there are lots of other vegetables with nutritional super powers. Here are some to try.

Bok choy

If you want to stick with leafy greens, give bok choy a chance. This Asian green is “very rich in calcium, a decent…

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