Andy Cohen Criticizes The Real Housewives’ Treatment of Gay Men


To paraphrase one of the taglines from a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season: He’s finally found his voice, and he’s not afraid to use it.

Andy Cohen has spent years as cheerleader-in-chief for the Bravo suite of reality shows, including The Real Housewives. On his nightly talk show, Watch What Happens, he tends not to push back too hard against the network’s talent. But there was a break in his chumminess last night, as Cohen paused his show to deliver a monologue about the Real Housewives franchise’s treatment of gay men. “You do not own them,” Cohen said to the stars of Beverly Hills. “We are not cattle.”

The preceding episode of Beverly Hills had featured a party thrown in order to introduce what series star Kyle Richards called “my gays” to other people’s gays; these “gays,” across all Real Housewives franchises, generally seem to lie somewhere…

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