Right now, I’m searching to understand possibilities for the “decent” meals of “men” my mother (I’ll be 61 on Friday) wants me to “eat” exclusively, and this post is pointing me in a “decent” direction! –thank you for posting this… When “decent” request entered my mind, first thing I thought of was “Marnie” of course!

The Soul of the Plot


I’m going to be real with you; Marnie disappointed me. When I found out about it, I saw that Hitchcock directed Sean Connery, well I had to see it. I’m still glad I saw it so now I know what it is, but if I had actually had to pay money for it I probably wouldn’t feel that way. Adding to that frustration is that I really think this could have been a much better movie, maybe even a great one.

Marnie (Tippi Hedron) is a thief (or klepto, whichever you want to go with). She has just stolen money from her employer and is bringing it to her mother (Louise Latham). She dies her hair to change her appearance, and swaps out her ID for another one from her stash. She gets to her mother’s house and sees red flowers that her mother has and freaks out. She changes…

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