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Why Leonard Nimoy Mattered

A formative part of my childhood! And watched Star Trek TOS with my father. Never missed it…

How to Watch Leonard Nimoy’s Most Memorable Performances Online

Must watch all of them, everything; I even have his books of poetry, and of course those biographies: .”I Am / Am Not Spock” Guess I could write “Almost a Trekkie” (concealed life of an Mixed American Teenager” –always liked that Mr. Spock was mixed: Vulcan and Human; Intellect and Emotion –in some ways. I identify with that…

See Leonard Nimoy’s Long and Prosperous Life in Photos

Menu of living long and prospering

How Leonard Nimoy Almost Wasn’t Spock

Say it ain’t so! –even though it is….

Leonard Nimoy’s Final Tweet Will Make You Cry

I’m already crying,.. Showing emotion; not a good Vulcan at all.

Leonard Nimoy, Who Played Spock on Star Trek, Dies at 83

No!!! Not on my birthday! Not ever! Guess that Mr. Spock is now linked to me; I’ll take that like any other medicine!!!!

Five Best Ideas of the Day: February 27

Not quite better than Birthday Cake, but close