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Taco Bell Folded a Biscuit Into the Shape of a Taco and Is Calling It Breakfast

Eager to try it! Tengo hambre!

Charles and Ray Eames: Simply Genius

Dream food!

A Letter to Mr. Higgs: (Once Upon A Tine) –a fairy tale about sex after sixty, poetry, and salvation

A Letter to Mr. Higgs: (Once Upon A Tine) –a fairy tale about sex after sixty, poetry, and salvation.

The Surprising Sleep Habits of the Rich and Famous

Stay awake and eat! Nutrition for ideas! (says a sleep-deprived woman seeking justification).

Callaloo! “Mongongo Drupe”

Can’t wait for my own copy! –for every meal of every day! some menu planning from Moxie Supper! —never had any “Mongongo” before! Sounds so divine!

Thylias Moss Writing

Apparently , the issue with my story, “sex-positive” “Mongongo Drupe” is NOW available from Callaloo Journal38.1Cover

Thylias Moss  I have not yet received my copies, but when I do, I will post more.  Count on that!

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Seriously, Stop Worrying About Daylight Saving Time

Serving up some real-deal springing forward!

When Daylight Saving Time Was Illegal

I know when to eat! When hunger demands consumption! And might even eat the clock itself –depending on what it’s made of.

Hall & Oates Sue Cereal Company Over ‘Oats-Related’ Granola

No matter what it’s called, Moxie Supper prefers to consider taste and nutrition, local farms over corporations, minimal processing! Never “bleached” flour to make it “white” and more acceptable.. Moxie cares! Where it vane from, how it was processed, how well workers were paid for their efforts, etc. Moxie Supper cares!

Get Up Close and Personal with Beautiful Snowflakes

How delectable! –even for the mind.

Great Scott: Here’s Back to the Future‘s Best Scene Remade With LEGOs

Be back before breakfast yesterday!