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Over 50% of Americans Will Be Nonwhite Within 30 Years

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Half of all children in the U.S. will be nonwhite by 2020, according to new census data released Tuesday, and more than half the entire population by 2044.

The U.S. Census Bureau’s 2014 projections looked ahead at the national population up to 2060, making various projections on the country’s demographic makeup based on factors like birth rates, deaths and migration patterns.

The data suggests that, by 2044, the majority of the population will be nonwhite, with that number rising to 56.4 percent by 2060. The Hispanic population will see the largest growth from now until 2060, the Census Bureau predicts, jumping from 17.4 percent to 28.6 percent. The percentage of white Americans will drop from 62.2 percent now to 43.6 percent within 45 years.

Senior citizens will also make up a greater share of the population. Now, about one in seven Americans is over the age of 65. The last…

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Humans Are Genetically More Similar to Their Fathers, Study Finds

Like father, like daughter –this Daddy’s girl always knew that! –every meal of the day


Every parent wants their child to be just like them, but new research shows that dads may have an advantage at least from a genetic standpoint.

According to a study by the University of North Carolina’s School of Medicine and published in the journal Nature Genetics, mammals use more DNA from the father than the mother when undergoing mutations — the genetic process that makes us who we are.

The researchers, led by genetics professor and senior author Fernando Pardo-Manuel de Villena, tested the genetic mutations of specially crossbred mice to see which mutations altered gene expression. Of the 80% that did, several hundred genes showed a “genome-wide expression imbalance in favor of the dad,” first author James Crowley told Science Daily. “This imbalance resulted in offspring whose brain-gene expression was significantly more like their father’s.”

The authors believe a similar bias would exist for human subjects. Pardo-Manuel de…

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Read the First-Ever Issue of TIME

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The first issue of TIME, dated Mar. 3, 1923, lacked the distinctive red border for which the magazine has come to be known. The cover subject was the now-obscure Joseph G. Cannon (the former House Speaker). The whole thing was only 32 pages, including the front and back covers. There are only a few photographs or illustrations, and nary a chart or graphic in sight.

And yet it’s recognizable as what it still is today: a look at the week’s news, from a serious look at national affairs to pages of arts reviews to a tongue-in-cheek wrap-up of weird local tidbits. The magazine contains word of the first helicopter, a possible change in divorce laws, the release of the film Adam’s Rib, a new one-cent cigarette tax in Indiana and the latest figures in German reparation payments—not to mention a critical trashing…

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