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Hall & Oates Sue Cereal Company Over ‘Oats-Related’ Granola

No matter what it’s called, Moxie Supper prefers to consider taste and nutrition, local farms over corporations, minimal processing! Never “bleached” flour to make it “white” and more acceptable.. Moxie cares! Where it vane from, how it was processed, how well workers were paid for their efforts, etc. Moxie Supper cares!


Famed rock duo Hall & Oates is suing a Brooklyn-based cereal company over their cleverly named granola, Haulin’ Oats.

The suit, filed in Brooklyn federal court, alleges that the artisanal cereal company Early Bird is trying to capitalize on the rock group’s brand, according to the BBC. The case notes that several companies have tried to tie the “Man Eater” band to “oats-related products.”

The phonetically punny snack is made of maple syrup and oats and touted as a perfect base for a breakfast parfait. It costs $27 for three packets.

But if Early Bird has to retire Haulin’ Oats, we have some other band-inspired suggestions: Damien Rice Krispies, Korn Flakes, Modest Muesli, Apple Jack Whites, Cap’n Crunch and Tenille, Cream (of Wheat), Chuck Berrycrunch or The Almond Brothers.


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Get Up Close and Personal with Beautiful Snowflakes

How delectable! –even for the mind.


He speaks to TIME LightBox about his process.

TIME LightBox: Tell us about yourself and how you became interested in photography.

Michael Peres: When I was in a high school I was planning to go to college to become a doctor. But in my senior year, I was the sports editor for my school yearbook and the kid taking the pictures was someone [who] didn’t know much about photography — so I went with him on the photo shoots. From the moment we developed the photos, I was hooked. The polarity in my wiring changed and I thought that it was the coolest thing.

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