Charles and Ray Eames: Simply Genius

Dream food!


Some things designed and built by our fellow humans are so much a part of our visual landscape that, even if they haven’t been around forever, it takes an effort of will to imagine a world without them. Several Apple products come to mind. The Brooklyn Bridge. The 1956 Corvette convertible (preferably candy-apple red … but any color will do).

These and so many other marvels of imagination and execution offer us a glimpse of that ideal world where form and function merge into a seamless — and occasionally breathtaking — whole. They are tools that are works of art. And vice versa.

And then there are those quieter, simpler, but no less-beautiful items (or their knock-offs and imitators) that are also, seemingly, everywhere and that somehow we so seldom really see. We take them for granted not only because they’re ubiquitous, but because they do exactly what they’re meant…

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