Monthly Archives: April 2015

A Move towards acceptance

Okay trying to admit to myself that I have been  in love with a man who doesn’t feel the intensity of what I felt; he isn’t without feelings for me, but not exactly the feelings I would prefer; not my situation exactly. All I’m finding are bitter pills and I don’t want to eat them yet. Must supplement my diet with something better for me: him, of course, but I can’t make him love me the way I wanted him to love me… I accept him as he is.  Not worth losing a friendship that I’ve had fr or so long.


Can’t believe how willing I seem to accept this –because the man I love is so great… Guess that instead of running away to join a circus, I run to join, surprising myself, a group of women this man sees. But it is what it is…   He lives elsewhere –he is such a good man….but not exclusive. Doesn’t mean the same thing at all unless he chooses me, but that’s not likely to happen —I accept this.  I will not longer try to get him to change his mind.  He will be a good friend of mine… And still in my life, and that is good enough for me! 

Coexistence by Stephen Gill

Stephen Gill co-existence for a lunch of interaction

Carrie Mae Weems: A Look Back on Three Decades

A most delicious book!

Revisiting the Mastery of Mexican Photographer Manuel Álvarez Bravo

A meal of “poetic complexity” –good for any time of day

A Visionary Journey

Never-ending meal of delight!

Interactive Panorama: Step Inside the Large Hadron Collider

Higgs to the rescue! Best meal ever!

Family of 8 Killed by Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Maryland

Overcome with sadness –choking on it

The World Is Getting More Religious

What hope! Even for those who’ve given up religion…. What an humble meal…