Angkor Wat, Cambodia – Ta Prohm trees

Ideal and ideal –every meal; every
re-centering — every everything


The temple courtyard is quiet, the early morning mist still lingering from the evening slumber. I’m alone as I step out of the tuk-tuk and walk towards the entrance, cautious not to trip on the roots stretching like fingers across the uneven stones. Past the main threshold leading into the temple and I can almost hear the silent prayers buried within the ancient trees. Like a yard in front of a foreclosed home the vegetation has taken on a mind of its own; the trunks of trees woven growing wildly within the stones, roots extending and wrapping around the door frames guarding the secrets of the past and branches reaching towards the sky fighting for the fruit of the sun. A tree grows out from the top of a crumbling roof structure, the massive roots look more like a well-fed boa constrictor bulging and writhing easily over the mossy ruins…

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