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Aura – Carlos Fuentes

One of my favorite books for any meal! –working on finishing meal of “LFMK” [see this video poam on Youtube -“looking for my killer”
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqQWGsWftBg%5D –and eat it all!

Pseudo-Intellectual Reviews

Carlos Fuentes (1928-2012), the famous Mexican writer, died a couple of days ago. Hearing this I immediately decided it was time for me to investigate his oeuvre. I selected his 1962 novella Aura, translated by Lysander Kemp; having previously read his short story ‘The Doll Queen’ in an anthology, I now believe he had not only great talent as a writer, but also (rather more surprisingly) a stylish way with horror fiction.

As a word of advice, my own experience of reading the book is that it demands the reader to be at ease. I was midway through the second chapter when I realised I wasn’t enjoying the story because I was reading it much too fast. I put it aside, returning later to start at the beginning and give it my undivided attention. Aura is short, so make it last. Take your time and savour it.

The cast consists of four characters:…

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